Yard of an University in Maykop
Yard of an University in Maykop
Building of a lyceum in Maykop
Building of a lyceum in Maykop
Front side of the Technological University of Adygeya
Front side of the Technological University of Adygeya
Front side of the Adyghe State University
Front side of the Adyghe State University
Pedagogical college
Pedagogical college

Education and science in Adygeya

The education system of the Republic of Adygeya is represented by 120 preschool educational institutions, 183 institutions of general educational, 9 institutions of elementary vocational training, 6 institutions of secondary vocational training, also by 2 institutes of higher education and 8 branches of state and private institutes of higher education. Altogether 90 thousand people are taught in educational system.

With the purpose of assigned task realization the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Adygeya uses extensively task program management method. In the Republic of Adygeya the republican development task program is accepted for 2007-2010 years, and its financial provision allows to settle urgent questions.

The most significant results of the present program realization are:

  1. 20 groups of preschool preparation and 15 groups of short-term stay of the specified orientation are opened on the basis of functioning educational establishments (kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools). In 2007 more than 400 unorganized (do not attend infant schools) children of preschool age have received the qualified help on preparation for school in these groups.
  2. In 2006-2007 educational year 30% of comprehensive schools of the republic turn to the profile training according to the Federal basic curriculum of 2004.
  3. According to the Decree of the Ministry of the Republic of Adygeya from 1/29/2007 №11, the question on special educational literature complement of state special (correctional) educational institutions is included in plan of measures on execution of the Russian President's Message to Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from May, 10th, 2006 regarding improvement of children's state.
  4. The experiment on inserting of United State Examination (further - USE) in the Republic of Adygeya has been realizing for five years. In 2007 USE in the republic is spent in 5 general subjects (2 subjects are obligatory: Russian language and mathematics; 3 subjects are at the pupils' option: physics, chemistry, biology).
  5. New method of the state (final) certification of 9th form graduates of educational establishments has been used for two years in the republic. This method is USE analogue. In 2006-2007 educational year it was carried out in 4 general subjects (algebra, Russian language, biology and social science).
  6. April, 2007 the Education quality rating Center of Institute of maintenance and methods of training of the Russian Academy of education (further - EQRC IMMT RAE), together with the International coordination center and the State examination service of the republican education system, carried out the international comparative research of quality of mathematical and natural-science education, and 107 pupils of 4th form from 4 educational establishments of the Republic of Adygeya have taken part in it.
  7. With a view of enterprise computer information network development of an education system in the Republic of Adygeya the license software for enterprise network users is purchased.
  8. Five minibuses "Gazelle" were bought to the sum of 1 985 000 roubles, within the limits of material and technical basis modernization of educational establishments, the contract to the sum of 749 600 roubles is concluded for purchase of student's furniture, training equipment and labware is purchased to the sum of 662 800 roubles; the contract on purchase of the medical facilities for equipping of school medical rooms to the sum of 500 thousand roubles is concluded;
  9. According to the order of the President of the Republic of Adygeya 'About creation of the inter-departmental commission on elaboration of proposals on optimization of acting budgetary establishments network in territory of the Republic of Adygeya" the republican interdepartmental commission has inventoried the acting network of educational establishments.
  10. In 2007 establishments of elementary vocational training (EVT) of the Republic of Adygeya have concluded 253 contracts with employers on preparation of 2047 skilled workers.

The republican training-methodical association of elementary vocational training establishments has developed criteria of graduates' preparation quality control. The representatives of employers also have been involved in development of the criteria.

In first half-year 2007 on the basis of EVT establishments 187 people of unemployed population were trained and retrained.

5,1 million roubles (execution to the plan-92,6 of %) has been financed on realization of the program arrangements in first half of 2007 year from the republican budget.

Besides, other task programs have been functioning successfully in the first half of 2007 year:

  • The state program of preservation and development of state languages of the Republic of Adygeya for 2006 - 2010 years;
  • The state program of science development and support in the Republic of Adygeya for 2006-2010 years;
  • Subprogrammes "Gifted children" and "Orphan children" of the republican task program "Children of Adygeya for 2006 - 2008 years";

The program "Safety of educational establishment for 2005-2008 years".

Within the limits of the state program realization of state languages preservation and development in the Republic of Adygeya in the first half 2007 year:

  • Adyghe modern language programs are developed for infant schools and vocational training establishments;
  • school-books and playing aids in state languages for infant schools are developed and published;
  • The Day of Adyghe language and literature (on March, 14th) and the Day of Slavic literature and culture (on May, 24th) have been celebrated.

All the basic arrangements of the science development and support program in the Republic of Adygeya, planned for the first half of 2007 year, also have been executed.

Within the limits of the Subprogram "Gifted children" Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Adygeya held 13 republican subject competitions from January, 14th till February, 8th, 2007; 390 schoolboys have taken part in it.

IV (district) stage of the All-Russia schoolboys competition took place in March, 2007. In the cities of Astrakhan, Elista, Stavropol and Maykop at 4th district stage our young mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists were awarded 18 diplomas of different degrees.

As a result, four schoolboys of the Republic of Adygeya gained diplomas of 2nd and 3rd degrees in the finals of the All-Russia competition.

Within the limits of the priority national project "Education" realization in the first half of 2007 year cash assets from the federal budget were put in the branch at the rate of 28 million 468 thousand roubles, from planned 50 million 775 thousand roubles for the beginning of the year.

The given assets are used on payment of gratuity to form-masters and transfer of money prize to schools-winners.

At the expense of the federal budget means 62 educational establishments from planned 109 schools are connected to Internet.

At the expense of the republican budget means in the first half of 2007 year form-masters have been paid gratuities at the sum of 127 thousand roubles, 27 multimedia projectors with screens on stands were purchased and distributed through municipal formations at the sum of 645 thousand roubles, 5 minibuses "Gazelle" at the sum of 1 million 985 thousand roubles.

The open competition on purchase of computer technique at the sum of 1 million for two schools participating in educational establishments' competition within the limits of national project and have received on rating № 12 and № 13.

According to the agreements concluded with municipal formations, the sums of joint financing in all directions of the national project realization have been determined; in the first half of the year 13 million 723 thousand roubles have been realized.

Basically at the expense of these cash assets in municipal formations support of talented youth, the best schools and the teachers participated in competitive selections has been rendered; monetary payments for a class management are carried out.

In the second half of the year, despite of positive changes in the branch, efforts of authority will be concentrated on overcoming of some urgent problems interfering maintenance of availability of qualitative education for various social groups of the population: removal of places deficiency in preschool educational establishments, completion of construction of school in Adygeisk, major repairs of school buildings (by 7/1/2007 62 % of school buildings require major repairs of separate designs and up to 20 % require complex major repairs or reconstruction), organized hot feed coverage of schoolboys which makes 50 %; supply of republican schools with gymnasiums (by 7/1/2007 makes 76,4%), fire-extinguishing means and signal systems etc.

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