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The land brought the world popularity for Giaginsky Region.

On its territory one of the deepest layers of chernozem in the world passes. Therefore it is not casually that the name of stanitsha and region got from the god of abkhazs Dzhadzhe, patron of agriculture and fertility. By this name the small steppe river was named as Gyaga (Gzhadzhe). It begins at the foothills of Northern Caucasus, proceeds through the lands of the region and runs into Laba.

On the territory of the region more than 120 barrovs date of the 3rd century AD are taken into account and described. At the excavation of one of them the subjects from bronze scabbard with gold and images of animals were found. In opinion of the scientists this burial place concerns to the 5th century AD.

Giaginskaya Land was always glorified by the good masters: plant-growers and cattle-breeders. The names of participants of the Great Patriotic War, the Hero of the Socialist Labour Yuriy Tkhaichukhov and the bearer of the orders of Lenin and twice - "Labour Red Banner", medal "For Labour Merit" and the highest award of our republic medal "Glory of Adugheya" Petr Bukreev became legendary.

It is difficult to believe that in the Soviet times the Hero of Socialist Labour could be taken off from his work for published an article in the central party newspaper "Pravda". Never the less, it happened. And after that the chairman of one of the best collective farms "Russia" began to work as a ordinary worker. Other times came, and people remembered about Yury Tkhaishukhov and his talent of the leader needed. Yuriy Khadzhimetovich has headed the fattening complex in stanitsa Giaginskaya and in short time he has managed to remove it from lagging behind into advanced. And perhaps the most remarkable thing for him was the decision to give his name to the enterprise which he headed.

Coming back in 1950 to his native stanitsa Kelermesskaya after the demobilasation from Army, Petr Bukreev was awarded for dashing merits with the award of Glory III, and two medals "For Courage". He worked as a manager of the radiosite in the settlement Goncharka, electrical engineer at the construction of the sugar factory "Adygheisky". When he headed the state farm "Lekrasprom" he entered the Kuban Agricultural Institute, finished it, and got the diplom of agriculturists. The state farm became his native. Petr Vasiljevich created in the settlement Goncharka dendropark and decorated it with the unique garden of stones. All exhibitions for this park he has collected himself. This dendropark is named after Petr Bukreev at his life in honour of its founder.

After the Great Patriotic War the Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitry Skvortsov came to live in stanitsa Kelermesskaya. He lived modestly and quite and never showed his merits. For a long time after his death his tomb remained unmanicured. And Pioneers of the local school took care of his tomb. And one of the Komsomol groups of Kelermesskaya School was given the name of Dmitriy Danilovich Skvortsov.

On the territory of the region one of the sites of the North-Caucasian railway, passes. This railway conducts Moscow with the coast of Black Sea. Two elevators at stanitsas Giaginskaya and Donducovskaya are in this region. They carry the crop of Adygeya and Krasnodar Territory.

Stanitsa Dondukovskaya is one of the largest among 31 settlements of the region. 34.7 thousand people live here. Before the revolution the large orthodox temple was built, later it was taken from church and stayed idle. Now it is returned to believers and they restore this cathedral.

One of the monuments of Soviet period is the monument to Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin. It is placed in the village Sergievsky on the territory of which there was a government of the collective farm of his name. In the 30th years of the 20th century the all-Union Starosta twice has visited this region. Here since the people began to culltivate the ground, they always collect high crops of agricultural production. The Heroes of Socialist Labour: Fedor Antonets, Elena Astapeeva, Vera Belikova, Mikhail Borodulya, Mikhail Vecherskiy, Grigory Morgunov, Zakhar Nakonechny, Ivan Fursov were born and worked here.

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