Fields of Adygeya
Fields of Adygeya

Source of raw material

The republic has large reserves of raw material resources, perspective for attraction of investments: use of mineral and thermal waters for balneotherapy, construction, building materials industry, a timber industrial complex, the food industry, farming industry, use of recreation resources and tourism development.

  1. Mineral water deposits: hydrocarbonate-natrium, brackish M-1 -2 g/l; iodide-bromine, pickle M-40,5 g/l; hydrogen carbonate - sodium chloride M-254 g/l; Hydrosulphuric - chloride - sulphate - sodium N-3-3,6 g/l.
  2. Industrial and mining raw materials: refractory and medicinal clays, technological limestones for a sugar industry, medicinal plasters and gypsum for the cement industry, glauconitic sandstones, phosphorites, zeolites, barite, piezooptic quartz, high-silica sand and dolomites for the glass industry.
  3. Building materials: building gypsums, marls for cement making, facing stones and red ornamental semi-precious limestones, marbled, and dolomitized, dolomites, gypsums and anhydrides, sandstones, granites, amphibolites, tuffs, serpentinites, hardwoods.
  4. Generally used minerals: mortar sands, boulder sandy gravels and building limestones, clays (brick, ceramic and tiled).
  5. Timber. The main breeds are an oak, a beech, a fir, a hornbeam, an ash. The felling volume is 200 thousand cubic metres in a year.
  6. Recreational resources. There are 17 protected areas, with total area of 110 thousand in hectares, which are rare in safety and a level of biodiversity. Five of them are included in the UNESCO World heritage list - the State Caucasian Natural Biosphere Reserve, "Bolshoi Tkhach" Nature Park, nature sanctuaries of regional importance "The upper reaches of Pshekha and Pshekhaskha rivers", "the upper reaches of Tsitsa river", "the Buiniy Ridge".
  7. Land resources. There are 365 thousand in hectares of land for agricultural purposes, including 260 thousand in hectares of arable land.

Industry is the key trade of the republic, influencing a social and economic condition. The index of industrial production in the Republic of Adygeya (throughout all enterprises), in first six months of 2007 has made up 1 24,7%, in comparison with the relevant period of the last year. The volume index of the republic in a cycle ranks second among the subjects of Southern Federal District.

In the first half of 2007 year the quantum of domestic manufacture shipped output, performed work and service by own strength throughout all enterprises has made up 4657,4 million roubles. Predicted indices are realized by 105,8%. Large-scale and medium enterprises take the first place in the industrial complex. According to overall results of the first half 2007 year their unit weight of the aggregate shipped output has made up more than 80,0%.

The main enterprises increasing production volume in the first half of 2006 year are:

  • "Poultry farm Maykopskiy" Closed Joint-Stock Company (123,1%- in comparable prices),
  • milk plant "Shovgenovskiy" Closed Joint-Stock Company (8,6 times more),
  • "Feed mill Adygejskiy" Limited Company(6,3 times more),
  • manufacturing firm "Teuchezhskiy" Closed Joint-Stock Company (4,7 times more),
  • "Mamruko" Limited Liability Company (2,1 times more),
  • "Tambovskiy" Limited Company (185,4%),
  • "Teuchezhskiy plant of building materials" Closed Joint-Stock Company (176,8%),
  • production complex - concrete product plant "Koshekhablskiy" (162,8%),
  • "AgroNova" Limited Company (159,3%),
  • "Adygeyanerud" Public Corporation (153,1%),
  • "City network systems" municipal undertaking (148,8%),
  • engineering plant "Maykopsky" Public Corporation (147,3%),
  • Milk plant "Adygejsky" Closed Joint-Stock Company (137,1 %),
  • industrial complex of rock products "Koshekhablskiy" Closed Joint-Stock Company (136,0%),
  • "Maykoppromsvjaz" Public Corporation (122,3%),
  • Maykop Reducer Plant "ZAREM" Public Corporation (118,6%),
  • "Fisher-Parket-Marka" Limited Liability Company (117,4%),
  • "Dondukovski elevator" Open Joint-Stock Company (116,9%),
  • "Krasnodar Research control of recoverable oil augmentation and pull-out of holes" Open Joint-Stock Company (113,4%),
  • "Kartontara" Closed Joint-Stock Company (109,4%),
  • Cord factory "Maykopskaja" Closed JointStock Company (109,6%),
  • "Nerudstroikom" Public Corporation (107,8%) and a number of other enterprises.

Small-scale business takes the large part in producing of such industrial products as, the parquet, furniture, ready-made garments, bread and bakery products, confectionery, seed-oil, soft drinks, sausages and many others. The development of small-scale business in the Republic of Adygeya is an important factor that provides with significant number of workplaces, updating of the budget, production of various goods and services.

One third of republican economic enterprises are in production of small-scale business today. More than a quarter of able-bodied citizens are involved there. In the first half of the 2007 year the number of help involved in small-scale enterprises, in comparison with the last year, has increased by 14,3%. 38% of small-scale enterprises are concentrated in the sphere of trade and public catering, 21 % of small-scale enterprises in industrial production and 12% in construction.

The overturn of small-scale enterprises by kinds of economic activity in first half of 2007 year is valued at 5057 million roubles with accumulation of interest by 55 percent by the corresponding period of the last year.

It is necessary to note, that the production activity of some significant enterprises in the republic is being revived: the Distillery "Maykopsky" Public Corporation, the brewery "Maykopsky" Public Corporation, the Meat-packing plant "Li-Chet-Nekul" Public Corporation, the sugar-refinery "Giaginskij" Public Corporation, and the certain improvements in this line are made. From the beginning of the current year Confectionery "Maykopskaya" Closed Joint-Stock Company, "Pitejnij Dom" limited company, "Complex-Agro" limited company, establish on the basis of Maykop tinned food factory have been being at stable industrial activity. Up to the end of the current year the Distillery "Maykopsky" Public Corporation is planned to revive the industrial activity.

The brewery "Maykopsky" Public Corporation is preparing to resume manufacture. Now "MPK" limited company, which bought out the basic industrial complex, is canying out major repairs of buildingsand overhaul of equipment.

From December, 2006 one of the largest enterprises "Cold industrial complex Zapadnij" Closed Joint-Stock Company, on processing raw vegetables with following freezing, has begun to work. Over the accounting period the industrial complex has made processing, freezing and shipment of vegetables in quantity of 336,4 tons, a green peas 450, cherries 40, vegetable marrows 30 accordingly.

In January-June, 2007 production increase of meat (32,5%), cheese (13,9%), whole-milk production (24,0%), bread and bakery products (1,2%), seed-oil (94,2%), soft drinks (26,8%), vodka and alcoholic beverages (93,6%), a cardboard (3,6%), carving wood (45,2 %), reducers (24,1%), manipulators (45,7%), designs and details modular precast concrete (79,4%), building blocks (78,6%), chairs (48,0%) has become perceptible.

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